Germatek Company Limited

Who we are

Germatek Company Limited is a successful engineering solutions provider within the Mining, Industrial services and Government sector with a highly motivated competent and safety – conscious workforce.

Germatek has been in existence since 2011, as sole proprietorship business under the business name Germateck Electrical Works but became a company limited by liability in October 2018.

For the past seven years Germatek has supplied the right quality of goods services for both industrial and domestic use with reliable after sales services. 

Germatek Company limited started off as a supplier of electrical goods and services only but due to its desire to see its customers satisfied and also reduce the stress that client go through in search of simple but useful domestic and industrial appliances, it became a supplier of general goods and services. Germatek has at least seven years (and still counting) track record of supplying very good and high-quality appliances from some of the world’s best Brands. 

Our aim is to provide good and high-quality goods and services at affordable prices and to ensure timely delivery of services to our Clients. We accept orders across nationwide.

At Germatek we provide just in time supply of goods and services even at the time when all other suppliers have failed. We also offer good and flexible credit terms to customers who cannot make full payment on the day of purchase. Germatek has hardworking and skillful staff who can provide electrical services to the satisfaction of our client.