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Germatek Company Limited is basically an Engineering & construction Company‚Äč

Safety Goggles, Safety Helmet, Safety Harness, Safety Boots, Safety Gloves

Vehicle Hiring / Haulage Business

Electrical Installation

Industrial & Domestic Electrical Material Supplies and Installations.(Gen-Set, Cables, Glands, Socket, Change Over, Switch, Contractors, CCG Boxes Etc.

Civil Works

Welding and Fabrications, Excavation Works Plumbing Materials Civil works and Construction Materials.

Welding Equipment

Supply of General Welding tools: Electrodes, Grinding and Cutting Disc, Steel Galvanized Products and Square Pipes, etc.

You can be rest assured that we will deliver

  • We supply quality materials (goods) and provide quality services
  • Prompt Delivery of goods and services at your door step .
  • We provide credit facilities for a maximum of thirty (30) days .
  • Express Response Team ( A stand-By Team )